Sunday, 23 September 2018

Project Summary

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In Today’s world students are more likely to have unhealthy lives because of lack of attention and lack of information about the dangers of the life styles they have for their lives.   

   The Aim of the Project is to raise awareness about healthier life on students and the school staff and giving them opportunities to have active roles in directing their families.

   The objectives of the project are:

   1- Increasing self-awareness about healthy life among 60 students from Croatia, 55 students from Italy, 43 students  from Poland, 30 students from Portugal, 80 students from Romania and 53 students  from Turkey ;

   2 - Increasing awareness about healthy life among the individuals of the society with the help of the students; 

   3 - Encouraging the students to have an active and healthy lifestyle rather than a sedentary one;

   4 - Raising awareness among students about a healthy diet; 

   5 - Informing students about addictions;

   6 - Providing an international exchange of information between different countries about healthy life;

   7 - Motivating the students to learn Foreign Language.

   In this project will be involved 6 schools. 

   The activities developed on the project are:

     - Every partner will organise and present a survey about what students understand from an healthy life;

     - Every partner will organise a seminar with The Health Center about how to live healthier;

     - Every partner will give monthly information to students about Healthy Life on the school panels.

     - Presentation of a stable life and an active life;

     - Organizing trips to the closest natural areas for fresh air and active life;

     - Every partner will organise sports campaign at the schools for the students to do more exercises.

     - Every partner will organise a Jogging Campaign.

     - Every partner will organise a theatre about the importance of Healthy Food.

     - Every partner will organise a Healthy Food Healthy Students competition.

     - Every partner will hand out brochures and leaflets about addictions;


     - Every partner will prepare the Reports to see what we have done so far;

     - Every partner will organise an Exhibition about Addictions and their effects on human life;

     - Every partner will organise a competition about picturing Healthy Life;

     - Every partner will organise ‘’Clean Student Hygienic Class’’ competition among the classes;

     - Every partner will prepare a material - describing sportsman's life by interviewing someone famous, from each local community or some students who have succeeded in a particular sport and make a video about it;

     - Presenting all sports that students could take part in especially in their communities, towns, schools. Do a research on that and present everything on posters or using ICT tools;

   The results expected during the project are:

     - Handing out brochure and leaflets about healthy and unhealthy life style;

     - Organizing trips to the closest natural areas for fresh air, in each country involved in the project;

     - Preparation of Power Point Slides about the culture and food habits with the all countries involved in the project; 

     - Preparing wall panels with information about project in each country involved in the project; 

     - Organizing Theatre about Healthy Life Consciousness in each school participating at the project. Every Theatre will be recorded and presented to other countries from the project;

     - Prepares a CD about the facilities of the project;

     - Making an e-book of recipes;

     - Will make a brochure about healthy eating, drinking, sleeping, doing sports for teenagers

   The impact of the project:

      - Developing the European dimension about collaboration and integration by encouraging the children to involve, respect themselves and the others;

   At the local level we want to increase awareness about healthy life among the individuals of the society with the help of the students. The pupils and their families will understand the importance of an healthy life;

   At the regional level, increasing the informations about healthy life will have as a result a lower risk of hard diseases in youth and the impact will be reducing costs on healthcare;

   At European level we will build a working relationship with other pupils and teachers from across Europe;


      - to improve the quality and to increase the volume of mobility involving educational staff in different Member States;

      - to improve the quality and to increase the volume of partnerships between schools in different Member States, so as to involve a bigger number of pupils in joint educational activities during the period of the programme;

     - to encourage the learning of modern foreign languages;

     - To support the development of ICT - skills, services, and practice in lifelong learning.