Sunday, 23 September 2018

What is "The Healthier! The Happier!" Project?

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The Aim of the Project is to raise awareness about healthier life on students and the school staff and giving them opportunities to have active roles in directing their families.

Another basic objective of our project is to teach healthy and good lifestyle to students, teachers and parents. In our project we want to modify individual behaviors by encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Unhealthy lifestyle has negative consequences not only on the health of the individuals but resulting in a steadily increasing financial burden which weighs heavily on the national welfare system.

In this project we need to eliminate the negative consequences in our schools and countries.

Through this project we also want to promote cross-border cooperation, to foster equity and inclusion in education and to promote participation of disadvantaged groups in society.

The objectives of the project are:
1- Increasing self-awareness about healthy life among 60 students from Croatia, 55 students from Italy, 43 students from Poland, 30 students from Portugal, 80 students from Romania and 53 students from Turkey ;
2 - Increasing awareness about healthy life among the individuals of the society with the help of the students; 
3 - Encouraging the students to have an active and healthy lifestyle rather than a sedentary one; 
4 - Raising awareness among students about a healthy diet; 
5 - Informing students about addictions;
6 - Providing an international exchange of information between different countries about healthy life;
7 - Motivating the students to learn Foreign Language.

Because many of children don't have at home good examples of a healthy life style we should teach them not to follow them and help the children to find and follow only the good examples.